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Instant Expert- The Malaysian Media

Member: RM 7
Non Member: RM 10

A conversational guide on laws impacting freedom of expression in Malaysia.
Pocket-size and only 81 in pages, the concise guide covers thirteen
legislations in fifteen brief and engaging chapters. This is the book for
those who wishes to get the salient ideas about Malaysian media laws without
having to go through the legal jargons. For those of you who motivated to do
something for freedom of expression, the book also gives you some pointers
on how to go about it. This book was sponsored by Samara James Jewellers.

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A Haze of Secrecy

Member: RM 12
Non Member: RM 18

Deriving it’s title from the (ir)regular problem of haze in Malaysia, the
book introduces best practices in public access to environmental
information. It looks into the problem of lack of transparency in
environmental issues, examining laws governing the environment, presenting
the international standards and practices, and provides case studies of
various Malaysian communities locked in battles with the state where the
environment was at stake. One chapter is dedicated to analyzing the
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), a process much mentioned in news and
environmental journalism but is little understood in terms of its
implication and application.

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Di Sebalik Malaysia

Member: RM 28
Non Member: RM 32

Historian Farish Noor produced an expansive analysis of Malaysia’s
socio-political situation, tracing the development of Malays and Islam since
the 18th century Malay sultanate, dissecting the historical rivalry between
the Pan Islamic Party (PAS) and UMNO and questioning the legitimacy of the
state’s ideologue on race, religion and identity. Malay legends and heroes,
such as the story of Merong Mahawangsa, warrior Hang Tuah and thinker Munsyi
Abdullah were resurrected and reconnected to contemporary Malaysian psyche,
which, as Farish Noor points out, is a far cry from the tolerant and
diversity-embracing era of those heroes. Copies of the book made available
to CIJ are courtesy of the writer.

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Freedom of Expression and the Media

Member: RM 10
Non Member: RM 15

A detailed report (100 pages) about the what, when, where, who, why and how
of Malaysian’s state of freedom of expression. An excellent reference
material for those who wishes to know in detail the various restrictions of
media and other forms of expression and their context in political system
and laws. The report is published in 2005 as part of a baseline study in
seven countries in Southeast Asia.

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Mad about Malaysia

Member: RM 21
Non Member: RM 28

Veteran Australian copywriter, Dean Johns’s humorous but critical observation of Malaysia, where he has lived in intermittently since 1985. The topics
covered in the essays range from everyday life to social issues and
politics. In Mad about Malaysia one recalls slices of life in Malaysia
during Abdullah’s time, from the perspective of an amused yet aghast, and
self-proclaimed “asing” observer. The collection was previously published as
columns in Malaysiakini and copies of the book made available to CIJ are
courtesy of the writer.

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