Get Involved

In CIJ, we always need help in the following areas:
  • Research- monitoring media coverage, gathering information on media ownership
  • Writing and photography- covering CIJ activities for publication in our website
  • Graphic design- designing web banners for CIJ website, layout for CIJ publications
  • Activity crew member- helping out in public event

You can help CIJ in any of the above areas in by becoming an intern or a volunteer. Find out how!


All it takes for a volunteer is a willingness to get your hands dirty. We can use anyone. Some volunteers work on a project-to-project basis, seeing a particular exhibition, event, or activity through to its end. Others simply show up to help out with whatever needs attention—be it organizing newspaper clippings for media-monitoring projects, assisting with community training sessions, or anything else that could use a little extra time and labor. Structure is less important than effort and a genuine willingness to learn. If you’re looking for insight into arts, culture, and politics, if you want some experience trying to change things for the better, CIJ’s volunteer programs are perfect for you. Even more importantly, they’re fun!

CIJ interns Alex Paterson and Laura Tribe from the University of Western Ontario created the “Media Laundry” exhibit at the last year’s CIJ World Press Freedom Day celebration, to highlight media bias.   Internship

Our internship programs are geared more towards people who want a longer-term, more structured involvement with CIJ. We attract a large number of local and international students, but interns by no means have to be enrolled in school somewhere to be considered. In fact, we have two distinct programs set up for people who are willing to commit their time. The first, aimed at students, provides academic credit for people interested in the areas of media, journalism, political science, and public policy. They’ll conduct research, organize events, monitor the media, attend conferences, and work on specific projects geared toward making use of their individual skill sets and interests. The second type of internship involves a similar list of responsibilities, but doesn’t count for academic credit and isn’t affiliated with a particular college or university. In exchange for a more structured time commitment, these interns have the opportunity to become even more deeply involved on the ground level in some of CIJ’s most vital projects.

To join us, you can fill in your particulars in the form below and send to us: